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If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0

Monkey Island Battles and WebKit

Have you heard about AWS Lambda? Do you like Monkey Island? Are you into Insult Sword Fighting? Then, come along, this may interest you ;)

QCon London - Microservices

Yesterday I was at QCon London thanks to Gumtree.

Game Development Using Unity3D

I think that most software developers have a secret desire: to build their own game. Unfortunately the golden times of the 80's where simplistic games with almost no graphics succeeded are gone. Music, graphics, story... nowadays a decent game requires lots of manpower. But is that dream over?

Breaking the 1000ms Time to Glass Mobile Barrier

Mobile is the new king and HTML 5 allows developers to, at last, build once and run everywhere: tablets, phones, desktops...

Responsive Design and Mobile First

Mobile browsing is becoming the norm. With the advent of devices like the new iPad or the Nexus 7, predictions that mobile will surpass desktop in 2014 seem wrong: it may happen even earlier. I find myself, loving desktops as I do, using Internet on my mobile more and more often. That constant access to the net is so handy...