Game Development Using Unity3D

Pere Villega published on
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Categories: development

I think that most software developers have a secret desire: to build their own game. Unfortunately the golden times of the 80’s where simplistic games with almost no graphics succeeded are gone. Music, graphics, story… nowadays a decent game requires lots of manpower. But is that dream over?

Fortunately technology advances fast. Very fast. If the complexity of games has increased, so has the capabilities of game development tools. For example, Unity3D, a game engine used by plenty of successful games that streamlines the process to a huge degree. No, a single developer won’t build the next Clash of Clans but it’s much easier for a small team to do so.

I tried Unity a few years ago (when Unity 3.x was offered for free) but, somehow, I never spent much time to it. I forgot about it until recently, when I ended up with a link to a very good tutorial (warning: it’s in Spanish) and I decided I’d implement something by following it.

And, indeed, I did. I started yesterday morning and in less than 48 hours my game is available in the Google Play store. Granted: it’s buggy, not original and very silly. But I built it, so I’ll overlook all those truths for a while if you don’t mind me doing so. It’s my baby-game ;)

I also uploaded the source to Github. I deviated a bit from the tutorial (nothing major), so feel free to use it as a template to experiment with.

Does this mean I’ll drop everything and become a game developer? Not really. But I may start devoting more time doing things like this, as it was extremely fun. Maybe after I finish with the Machine Learning courses, and testing Akka Http, and Akka Streams, and… well, you get the idea ;)