Hi, I'm Pere Villega

I write about software and how to build better solutions

I’m an independent software engineer with several years of experience delivering working applications, using multiple languages. My focus is creation of value for companies using code, understanding the impact the changes have in the business and picking the best options (which, sometimes, is no code at all). In this website, I occasionally write about software experiments I’m running, always with the focus of accelerating delivery of projects.

Outside of clients and other work-related projects, I spend too much time on Twitter, and I have an interest in evolutionary systems and artificial life. I also enjoy reading, hiking in the Swiss mountains, and cooking Spanish food at home.

I’m originally from Barcelona, and I’ve spent various years in Dublin (Ireland), London (United Kingdom), and Basel (Switzerland). As a result, I’m fluent in Spanish, English, and Catalan, while currently learning German (A2 level).

I may be available for contract engagements; I’m based in Switzerland, but I have many years of experience with remote work, from before Covid-19 made it more common. If you want to hire me, reach out via the email linked above, and we can arrange an online chat to discuss the opportunity.

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