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If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0

Using a remote server to build your Scala projects

VS Code has released tooling for remote development via ssh. In Scala the combo of Metals and VS Code for development has become the norm for many people. How easy and convenient may it be to use them while on ssh with a remote server? Let's discover it.

WebAssembly, Rust, and Edge Computing

Serverless has been out there for a while, seemingly surviving the hype cycle. In fact it has recently received an upgrade of sorts with Edge Computing. In this blog post I write about my experience using Cloudflare Workers to build a worker that calculates simple linear regression over a set of data.

Playing with Rust

Rust is not, at this stage, a new language. But I have to confess that I had not checked it out until now. I built a small tool to test it out. In this post I'll briefly talk about how it felt working with Rust from the point of view of a Scala developer.

Bridging Scala and the Front-End at Underscore blog

Tips for working with FS2 at Underscore blog