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If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0

Iteratees and Play 2

From time to time I like to test some new functionality of Play 2.0. Creating a tiny for-fun project allows me to see that functionality in action, to solve the initial pitfalls related to it and to have a basic sample for later on.

Learning Scala in Coursera

Scala is growing, a lot. The (relatively) recent investment of $14M in the company ensures that the language will be taken care of and any remaining issues (like some necessary improvements for the IDE) tackled. Scala 2.10 is around the corner and with it all the performance and APi improvements. And Play is healthier than ever. Good times to be a Scala fan.

Scala: Move Forward

Soon Java 7 will be released. A bit delayed, yes, but it's here. Even so the question lingers: is it enough? I believe the answer nowadays is NO, but of course this is an open discussion in which each developer will have a different (and valid) opinion as per each one's background. Let's give some arguments for the no, then. Let's talk about Scala.