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Scala Exchange 2015 Day One

Scala Exchange 2015 is on! I will be updating this entry with summaries on the talks I attended. Typos a plenty, be warned, but I hope this proves useful to somebody while we wait for the videos to be made available. You can also read my summary of day two.

Emacs and Scala in Mac OS X Yosemite

After hearing a lot about the benefits of using Emacs to code in Scala, I've decided to give it a go and also to document the steps to work with it, in case anyone else feels crazy enough to try this.

Scala REPL

One of the things people love about Scala is the REPL. I have to be honest; I never paid too much attention to it as IntelliJ provides a handy Scala Worksheet. But it is time to fix this..

Using Docker in Heroku

Heroku has announced beta support for Docker containers running in its platform. As I have some time in my hands, I've tried how well it integrates.

Real-Time Analytics With Storm - Done!

And Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm it's over. Kinda. But it has been a fun road to travel.