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Learning Shapeless

Shapeless is a type class and dependent type based generic programming library for Scala. It had its origins in several talks by Miles Sabin, and he has been the main contributor to the project.

Free Monads and Stockfighter

StockFighter is a game by Patrick McKenzie (Hi Patrick!) and others that makes you compete in a virtual Stock Exchange to accomplish certain objectives. They use it as a recruitment tool (kind of, read their website) but it's a very entertaining game, even if you are not looking for a new job.

Free Monads using FreeK

My previous post on Free Monad implemented a few DSL using Free Monads. The same day I published it I discovered FreeK by Pascal Voitot. How does FreeK help you when building a Free Monad?

On Free Monads

The concept of Free Monad is becoming popular, or at least I've seen plenty of mentions about it in the Scala Functional Programming community as of late. Why is it relevant?

Scala Exchange 2015 Day Two

Scala Exchange 2015 is on! I will be updating this entry with summaries on the talks I attended. Typos a plenty, be warned, but I hope this proves useful to somebody while we wait for the videos to be made available. You can also read my summary of day one.