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My Projects

This page contains a list of things I’ve done which are publicly available. Check my Github profile for more!

Run! Android Game

Run! Android Game

Added: 15-02-2015 | URL: Google Play Store | Status: Released

This is the result of me following a tutorial about game development using Unity3D. It was a refreshing experience, and a lot of fun. The game is just a demo, a very basic game with several bugs, but it is my first forage into the world of game development.

The source is available here. Feel free to use it for your own experiments.

Play Modules v.2

Play Modules v2

Added: 01-06-2013 | URL: | Status: Down

This application is a repository of Play Framework modules. It’s an evolution of my previous site, in collaboration with Steve Chaloner and Ben Verbeken. It uses Play 2.0.4 and it is deployed in a server donated by Delving. We are in talks to turn this into the official repository, the “rubygems” of Play Framework.

Source available here. The app was taken down due to low traffic.

Play Modules

Play Modules

Added: 13-05-2012 | URL: Github Repo | Status: Replaced (see above)

This application allows the management of Play Framework modules and demos. When I created it there was no page to manage them properly. Since 2.0 was released I was looking for some project to learn Play 2.0 and improve my grasp on Scala, so I though on creating this.

Now I’ll be helping merge the source into the official Play Framework repository, so at some point the project will be replaced by the official version.

Update: this project has been superseded by its next version



Added: 04-02-2011 | URL: Unavailable | Status: Cancelled

My taste of the “startup” world. Along Marc Abegon we decided to start an online project related to theatres. The project has been a bumpy road, with several technical issues along the way (bad decisions and other problems), but we also learned A LOT and grew as developers and in many other areas (communication, design, etc).

The project is currently dead, as there was not enough interest from potential customers.

GSOC 2010: Dspace


Added: 01-10-2010 | URL: Github Repo | Status: Completed

As part of Google Summer of Code 2010, I collaborated with Duraspace (the organization behind Dspace) to add Unit Testing to Dspace, with the aim to increase code quality in the application. It was the first GSOC project for Dspace that went into trunk (being the second year in a row that they were part of the program), and soon after the merge my code helped detect and correct some issues with the release under development at that time.



Added: 05-06-2010 | URL: Github Repo | Status: Completed

As part of my Master in Open Source Software, I had to develop a web application using open source technologies. I decided to build something using Seam (version 2 at that time), as I was interested in the framework. It was good practice, although I’m afraid I didn’t get to like Seam as much as I expected.

The code can be found here. It’s released under Affero GPL v3 license.

EiA Calculator

EiA Calculator

Added: 06-03-2010 | URL: Github Repo | Status: Completed

As a geek I like many kinds of games, but one I enjoyed a lot is Empire in Arms, a board strategy game that I played via email with some friends. One of the most important aspects is to select the right strategy for combats, so I tried to “cheat” a bit by generating a calculator that returned the optimum choice given a combat scenario. The game is quite complex, with many factors involved in the outcome of a combat.

This small project was a excuse to learn Lift and Scala. I warn you that it was my first Scala (version 2.7) app so the code may be quite… rough :)