Twilio and Play Framework

Pere Villega published on
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Categories: scala

Another year, more technology to test :) Busy as I am in Gumtree, I’ve been able to test some interesting stuff. You know, evaluation of technologies to see if they make sense from a business perspective. Or playing around, it depends on the point of view ;)

This time the testing platform has been Twilio. I built a prototype using Play Framework, Scala and the Twilio API to see how things work and if we could use some of them in the site. Granted, by prototype I mean 2 pages to test some calls to the API, but I guess this covers the core of Twilio, and extending it should be quite straightforward.

I’ve written about it in a post in the Gumtree dev blog, where I also link to the sample code in Github.

As always, feedback via Twitter/Email is more than welcome.

Oh, and Happy 2014! May the (reactive?) code be with you ;)