Real-Time Analytics With Storm - Done!

Pere Villega published on
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Categories: scala

And Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm it’s over. Kinda. But it has been a fun road to travel.

When I say ‘kinda’ is because the last lesson consists on a relatively big project (classifying tweets) which I will skip. It can be quite time consuming and I feel after the previous lessons I understand the concepts behind Storm well enough. I believe that, even if I spend now a few evenings doing this project, I will forget stuff from lack of use of Storm after it. Thus, it feels a better investment of my time to focus on other areas right now and put that effort whenever I need to use Storm for something.

That said, the course was very useful. I liked the format, and it gave me a good library of examples I stored in Github and can be used in the future to refresh my memory. A tip: if you do the course, don’t skip the interviews at the end of lesson 4. They have some nice insights.