Machine Learning at Coursera

Pere Villega published on
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And more work in the data science world. I’ve joined yet another Coursera class: Machine Learning. Yes, I might be overdoing it.

To be honest this is a class I started time ago but I had to drop due to lack of time. So it was great news to realise that it was running again, just when I want to focus on this area. The videos are very helpful and after doing the first practical exercise I’m very happy as the hands-on experience allows you to play around and imagine areas in which you could already apply this. Very motivating.

Not only that, the lessons about Octave proved beneficial as it facilitated solving the exercises in the other class I’m taking, Mining Massive Datasets. As I wrote in my last post, I wasn’t sure if to continue that class as I didn’t want to spend hours doing matrix calculations by hand (laziness, or maybe just trying to be more efficient). Octave solved that by letting me automate the process. A win - win situation!

I’d love to publish the code in Octave, but unfortunately this goes against the Code of Honour, so… maybe another time :)