It's Back

Pere Villega published on
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It’s been a while, but the domain is live again! There was some unfortunate incident which wrecked the domain and left my previous blog unusable. After many months of procrastination, I’ve restored it back to a working state.

One of the reasons of the delay is the way the site runs now. For a while I wanted to do something more personal than a simple “out-of-the-shelf” blog. I don’t post regularly enough as to have a blog. I post by whim, when I see something interesting or when I feel I should share something. I was using the “blog” mostly as a storage place for links and documentation. And it was handy.

It’s also a fact that nowadays you need an online presence. As a developer being on LinkedIn or Twitter doesn’t cut it. It’s nice, but it’s not enough. You have to show what you do. As an old teacher of mine said: “you may be God, but if you don’t let people know, no one will care”.

So, I needed something akin of a personal page. A place to show what I do, to store links, to share my thoughts and to allow people to contact me. I’m sure there are many SaaS out there that I could have used as one. But, hey, I’m a software developer! And I need to build things using Play Framework (yes, it’s an addiction). So I created my own, the one you are seeing now.

I have to thank several inspiration sources of this site:

After reading those pages it’s hard not to start your own version of your personal page without using a database. I hope it works as expected.

Enjoy, give feedback, and see you in the next update!