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Scala REPL

One of the things people love about Scala is the REPL. I have to be honest; I never paid too much attention to it as IntelliJ provides a handy Scala Worksheet. But it is time to fix this..

Using Docker in Heroku

Heroku has announced beta support for Docker containers running in its platform. As I have some time in my hands, I've tried how well it integrates.

Wearables: Google vs Apple

After a weekend wasted in bed (food poisoning sucks) I've spent some hours catching up with tech news. And I've found a very interesting, if brief, comment about a new war between Apple and Google that may impact their success in wearables.

QCon London - Microservices

Yesterday I was at QCon London thanks to Gumtree.

Real-Time Analytics With Storm - Done!

And Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm it's over. Kinda. But it has been a fun road to travel.