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Sonar and Hudson

Due to my current tasks at Google Summer of Code 2010 I've been setting up a small CI system for my personal use. Yes, it is an overkill, but I wanted to test it and, truth be told, the statistics provided by tools like Sonar and Hudson are priceless, they show you many potential errors you may have in the code, coverage you are missing, etc.

I'm from Barcelona

I'm from Barcelona. This simple and straightforward fact always raises expressions of incredulity amongst the people I meet here in Dublin when I tell them I live here:


One of the many reasons I've been barely posting these past weeks is that I'm finishing my Master in Open Source Software by UOC. I've had to develop a project for it, and I've chosen to develop a portal similar to Pirate Bay. You can checkout the code here at Bitbucket.The project is a Java web application and it uses Seam as framework.

GSOC 2010: Testing

During this time I did not update the blog, I was finishing my GSOC 2010 project. You can find more technical details here.

Renaming Files

I own a Lacie Big5 to backup my files, which amount to almost 2 Tb right now. Lately I've had some compatibility issues as some files I copied from my Windows Vista machine were not readable from my Kubuntu 9.10.