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Java 7: What's New

Java 7 will be released soon, so it's time to check what's new. The official announcement is here. A list of the new additions to our beloved JVM follows:

GSOC 2010

During this time I did not update the blog, I was finishing my GSOC 2010 project. You can find more technical details here.

Java Vector is Obsolete

Today I was working with a unit test class for my Google Summer of Code project. Launching the test raised a concurrency exception due to me using ContiPerf to check the performance of some methods. It's a situation that, given the piece of code tested, would not usually happen.

Estatut de Catalunya: a Review

Let's spur some controversy! Outside Spain very few know about the reality of Catalonia. For those of you who don't know about it, a brief summary of its history:

How to Heal and Prevent Computer Injury (RSI)

As somebody who spends too many hours in front of a computer I've developed some injuries in my tendons, specially in the right arm. It's not nice to work with pain (and I blame my low APM to it!). Although I go to physio and I'm recovering well, it would be good to avoid this happening again in the future.