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It's Back

It's been a while, but the domain is live again! There was some unfortunate incident which wrecked the domain and left my previous blog unusable. After many months of procrastination, I've restored it back to a working state.

Estatut de Catalunya: a Review

Let's spur some controversy! Outside Spain very few know about the reality of Catalonia. For those of you who don't know about it, a brief summary of its history:

How to Heal and Prevent Computer Injury (RSI)

As somebody who spends too many hours in front of a computer I've developed some injuries in my tendons, specially in the right arm. It's not nice to work with pain (and I blame my low APM to it!). Although I go to physio and I'm recovering well, it would be good to avoid this happening again in the future.

I'm from Barcelona

I'm from Barcelona. This simple and straightforward fact always raises expressions of incredulity amongst the people I meet here in Dublin when I tell them I live here:

Renaming Files

I own a Lacie Big5 to backup my files, which amount to almost 2 Tb right now. Lately I've had some compatibility issues as some files I copied from my Windows Vista machine were not readable from my Kubuntu 9.10.