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If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0

Wearables: Google vs Apple

After a weekend wasted in bed (food poisoning sucks) I've spent some hours catching up with tech news. And I've found a very interesting, if brief, comment about a new war between Apple and Google that may impact their success in wearables.

Meetup: Building a Developer Centred Company Culture

I wrote another post for Gumtree developer blog. I attended a meetup in StackCareers office in London. I've attended a few meetups (less than I'd like!) since I came to the City and joined Gumtree, but I consider this one to be one of the best.

ReactConf and ORM future

I've been pretty busy lately at Gumtree, but I still got time to publish some posts in our Dev Team blog.

Gumtree blog is live

It's been a busy couple of months. I recently moved from Dublin to London to start working at Gumtree (and loving it so far!). If moving is always a hassle, moving across countries is that hassle tenfold. Fingers crossed everything will be done by Christmas...

On Learn Startup and Personal Waste

I recently finished reading The Lean Startup, a (relatively) new approach on development and innovation on software companies. An interesting and recommended reading for anyone involved in software development.