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If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0

Hystrix at Gumtree

Happy new year! After many months, busy with the responsive Gumtree project, I wrote another post for our developer blog. This time talking about Hystrix, a Netflix library for application resilience.

Java 8 is coming

It's March and Java 8 is coming soon. A delayed and very expected release of Java with plenty of new tools: lambdas, default methods, etc.

Builder Pattern and Inheritance in Java

At Gumtree we are currently doing some changes to the back-end of the site. To that aim we have spent some weeks building tools and scaffolding that will facilitate our next tasks. Planning is important if you want quality.

Java 7: What's New

Java 7 will be released soon, so it's time to check what's new. The official announcement is here. A list of the new additions to our beloved JVM follows:

Java Vector is Obsolete

Today I was working with a unit test class for my Google Summer of Code project. Launching the test raised a concurrency exception due to me using ContiPerf to check the performance of some methods. It's a situation that, given the piece of code tested, would not usually happen.