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About me

Welcome visitor! Make yourself comfortable! I’m Pere Villega, a software developer born in Barcelona and currently living in London. I’m a Scala contractor with several years of experience developing applications. This page is correct as of May 2016 :)

So who I am?

I’m a nerd. Correction, a happily married nerd :)

I like coding. I’ve been doing stuff for many years, trying new technologies, and doing small personal projects. Many of them are lost as they were not “relevant” (amateurish hacks which I did not keep when replacing computers), but I publish some in Github.

I love reading, mostly fantasy and sci-fi but also some classics, although I won’t read a book just because it’s popular. I read quite a bit, I had to replace a Kindle due to use. I get hooked on stories, I need to know what will happen next. And I read fast :)

I play games. Board games, role games, computer games… you name it. I enjoy them, more so if they are strategy games. Sadly, I don’t have as much time for them as I would like. Little secret: I want to create my own game. Someday.

I support Manchester United. To be honest I don’t watch many matches, if any at all. But I support them. Not every choice has to be rational, does it?

I like Linux. And Android. And Apple computers. Is that bad? :)

What do I do?

I solve problems using software. Technically I’m a software developer, but titles aside my job is to solve issues using software. To make people happy (or less unhappy) via a computer.

I like coding and I’ve spent quite a bit of time on side projects, for example the Play Modules website. I was part of Google Summer of Code in 2010. You can find a list of some projects I have been involved with here.

I also enjoy learning new technologies and the theory behind it. I favour learning fundamentals (like functional programming concepts) over a language, as fundamentals can be used with many different languages or frameworks.

What is this?

This is my personal page, built using Jekyll and deployed to Github pages. I had an old site that I built myself using Play Framework, but I decided to migrate it to what you see.

Life happens and I have periods in which I can’t blog as much as I’d like. If you see a lack of posts, check my Github profile. I may be busy in there, or in some other non-public engagement.

Feel free to clone and deploy your own version of this site if you like it. If you have comments on the site or its content, please contact me. I promise I’m a nice guy, and I’ll try to answer. Of course you are not required to, but I would really appreciate it.

That said, spam and other Netiquette violations are a big no-no. Be nice ;)